Since 1997, SL Pharma Labs has been providing to its clients high value and high quality pharmaceutical product development and testing services focused primarily on parenteral, liquid and topical drug products. These services
include formulation development, analytical development, microbiological development and early stage (Phase 1 & 2) clinical manufacturing. Further,
SL Pharma has successfully provided full CMC development of several NDA 505-b as well as generic drug products (ANDAs) leading to regulatory approvals and commercialization. In addition SL Pharma Labs has also served many clients for the full analytical and microbiological quality control release and stability testing of marketed drug products. Because of highly experienced management and very competent technical staff, SL Pharma has established
its reputation for delivering high quality and great efficiency with tight timelines at competitive costs. SL Pharma Labs mission is to support clients in meeting product development, analysis, regulatory approval and commercialization timelines and budgetary requirements.

What differentiates SL Pharma Labs from other contract research and development organizations?

  • experienced scientists and leadership from industry that understand the challenges of drug product development and commercialization processes in today's highly regulated market
  • adaptive and customized approach to the unique needs of every client, drug product and project
  • reliable partner that is committed to meeting client budget and timing requirements
  • collaborative project design and completion from start to finish
  • track record of consistent high quality and GMP-compliance

SL Pharma Labs has a team of experienced pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leaders with deep knowledge and commitment to outstanding service. The company’s mission is to maintain small, agile project teams that collaborate with clients to assure that all projects are completed efficiently and meeting all project scope requirements.