SL Pharma Labs experienced leadership team includes:

Waheed Sheikh, PhD
Founder and President
Dr. Sheikh has over 30 years of international pharmaceutical industry experience with extensive drug development and leadership background in multinational companies including, Roussel Pharmaceuticals (now a part of Sanofi-Aventis) and AstraZeneca.
His industry experience covers a wide range of successful technical leadership and management roles in a variety of areas including strategic and operational planning, CMC development of parenteral & topical dosage forms and antimicrobial drug products.
He co-founded and established SL Pharma Labs in 1997, and has built the company into a well-run, successful and highly regarded
pharmaceutical CRO/CDO. At SL Pharma Labs, Dr. Sheikh, has built strong project management, technical leadership and quality teams that have helped the company to earn an enviable and impressive track record of achievements including successful completion and regulatory approval of numerous innovator and generic drug products. He acts as a technical leader and advisor in addition to performing his primary responsibilities as the president of the company. Dr. Sheikh earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and Microbiology from University of London.

Khurshid Iqbal, PhD
Executive Vice President, Product Development & Operations
Dr. Iqbal has over 25 years of industry experience in leadership and senior management positions in several large and midsize pharma
and biotech companies including Roche, Squib, J&J, West and KBI Bio. Dr. Iqbal is a key member of the senior management team at
SL Pharma Labs. He is a recognized leader and has an overall responsibility for all strategic and operational aspects, including but not limited to formulation development, drug delivery systems, biotechnology development, clinical and commercial manufacturing of a variety
of dosage forms notably, parenterals, intranasals, ophthalmics, topicals as well as novel drug delivery systems. Dr. Iqbal’s deep knowledge and broad expertise covers CMC development aspects of both small and large molecules (both peptides and proteins) utilizing novel technologies such as liposomes, micro-emulsions, co-solvents and nano particles. His expertise in the development of parenterals is especially noteworthy. Dr. Iqbal is also responsible for the ongoing expansion of biotechnology development function and services provided by SL Pharma. He is a great resource for solving complex technical problems. Dr. Iqbal has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Sciences of Philadelphia.

Harry Lautenbacher, PhD
Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Dr. Lautenbacher has extensive management and leadership experience in Quality, Operations and Regulatory Affairs in several pharmaceutical companies including DuPont, Forest Labs, and Helvet Pharma and more recently over 11 years in SL Pharma Labs.
At SL Pharma, he is a key member of the leadership and management team and has an oversight and overall responsibility for the
planning, execution and management of all programs in the Quality and Regulatory Affairs department. Dr. Lautenbacher has a Ph.D.
in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Temple University, Philadelphia.

Pramod Nednoor, PhD
Director of Analytical/Biotechnology Development and Quality Control
Dr. Nednoor, one of the key members of the senior leadership team, is an experienced manager and technical leader with strong skills
in analytical research, product development and project management. He and his team, consisting of experienced senior scientists and analysts, are responsible for managing, planning and executing all analytical and microbiological aspects of product development and quality control of pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug products. Dr. Nednoor earned his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the
University of Kentucky.

Additional Team Members

In addition to the senior leadership team, SL Pharma Labs has highly qualified, deeply experienced and multi-disciplinary project leaders and scientists who make up the backbone of the company's operations.