Since 1997, SL Pharma Labs has successfully served numerous generic and innovative drug companies from the United States and around the world by helping them to achieve their project goals and timelines. Many of these drug projects were approved by the FDA, and are now successfully marketed.
SL Pharma Labs has a reputation for flexibility, project customization and
ability to meet the unique needs and timelines of each client. This is demonstrated by our long record of excellent working relationships,
collaboration and repeat business.

Since inception, SL Pharma Labs continues to maintain excellent
track record with the FDA for GMP-Compliance and for Pre-approval inspections.



We have enjoyed the support of SL Pharma Labs for microbiological, quality control release and stability testing services in relation
to parenteral drug products. The SL Pharma teams have provided an excellent service marked by high quality scientific input and
problem-solving skills, flexibility and have consistently delivered with a 'Can do' and responsive attitude.

Pierre Morrissey PhD, Director of Quality, Mylan Institutional

The formulation and microbiological teams at SL Pharma Labs did an excellent job in evaluating and optimizing the parenteral formulation
of our Influenza Vaccine, aseptically manufacturing sterile batches of several candidate formulations and carrying out full antimicrobial preservative effectiveness testing to select the best preserved formulation candidates. SL Pharma’s team did an outstanding job in analyzing the data and writing a comprehensive technical report with recommendations. We were very pleased and impressed by the technical expertise, high quality data and excellent project management skills of SL Pharma.

Frank Hoven, Vaccine Manufacturing, Sanofi-Pasteur

We, at CytRx Corporation, have worked with SL Pharma Labs for the formulation development/ optimization and for analytical method development/ validation on a complex lyophilized injectable drug product. We are very happy and satisfied with our experience and interactions with SL Pharma Labs. We are particularly impressed by the expertise and problem solving skills of their analytical development/validation team. Their consistent high quality contributions greatly helped in making progress on this important project
in a timely fashion.

Carrie Nodgaard, Senior Director, CytRx Corporation

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals outsourced to SL Pharma Labs several generic parenteral drug development (ANDA) projects, including one on an extremely fast track involving paragraph-4 filing with the FDA. Our CMC development team was extremely pleased with SL Pharma’s management and their teams of highly qualified and experienced scientists in planning and executing these programs in a well-organized manner and completing them on time. We found them flexible and very responsive.

Luke Foo, Senior Director, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals

We worked with SL Pharma Labs on several CMC parenteral product development projects. They did an excellent job in progressing and successfully completing these projects. We found their scientific team as well as their management team very knowledgeable, highly competent and very responsive. They have the right combination of strengths: excellent technical expertise combined with very smooth and seamless project management skills. Our collaboration with SL Pharma was very productive as it was repeatedly demonstrated with quick turn around on deliverables.

Walter Jump, Pharm. D., Vice President, Synerx

We are extremely satisfied by our working experience with the highly qualified and competent team of scientists and the management at
SL Pharma Labs. We have worked with SL Pharma Labs for over 10 years and during which they successfully completed on time and
within budget multiple IND projects for us, including the development of topical therapeutic dosage forms, such as gels and suppositories. SL Pharma Lab’s expertise in formulation development, analytical development, clinical manufacture and stability testing of Phase 2 clinical supplies are especially noteworthy. Their efforts contributed to the successful advancement of our programs.

Peter Mays, Ph.D., VP, Pharmaceutical Development, FemmePharma Global Healthcare, Inc.

SL Pharma team closely worked with us in a very collaborative way and successfully developed and manufactured phase I/II sterile therapeutic vaccine formulated with complex mixtures of peptide/proteins in a suspension dosage forms. They were consistently flexible
and receptive to our need to complete the project in a timely fashion. I have worked with SL Pharma labs on several other analytical development projects for small molecules, peptides and they have consistently met mine and my client’s expectations regarding quality
and timely delivery.

Solomon Tse, Ph.D., CMC Consultant

SL Pharma Labs has an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and analytical development chemists. I have outsourced to SL Pharma Labs, the analytical method development/validation and stability testing of an early stage project, as a part of
early phase CMC development program. I was pleased with their quality of work, expertise, professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness.

Eric Benjamin, Ph.D., CMC Consultant, Pharmaceutical Development